Flying Rhinos

Level / age: B1 Intermediate / teens

Topic: Endangered species

Lesson aims: To listen for gist and detail and to follow up with project work on the topic of endangered species.

Skills: Listening – for gist and detail

Materials: Video-

Time: 90 minutes

Preparation: Open the quiz in a separate window. Set up the video in class and preload it, print off the worksheet for students, prepare the picture either on the board or print off to give to groups.

Flying Rhinos – lesson plan 

Before watching

1)    Introduce the topic with a team quiz about endangered animals.

2)    To round off the quiz, ask teams if they know the difference between a black rhino and a white rhino. Answer – it’s not the colour, they are both grey. The difference is the diet and shape of their lips. Ask them which one is an endangered species? Trick question- the answer is both

3)    Show students the image below. Ask them to brainstorm in groups what they think is happening and why?


Image from:


While watching

4)    Ask students to check their guesses with the video:

5)    Give out copies of the true/false questions worksheet or dictate to students. Play the video again and students answer the questions while watching. Feedback with answers at the end.

Flying Rhinos – worksheet – listening for detail

Post watching

6)    In groups, students discuss the issues raised by the video. What are the reasons for animals becoming endangered? What can people do to help the animals?


Follow up suggestions

-       Students use the links provided to make a poster to raise awareness of the endangered rhinos.

-       Students choose an endangered animal and research information to write a fact file about it.

-       Students create a logo / slogan and advert to help save an endangered animal. They could then produce t-shirt designs for their advertising campaign.


Useful Links

More information on rhinos can be found here:



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